Daily Schedule

K-6 Dual Language Program

Our mission statement provides insight into our commitment to ensure that our students are proficient in both Yugtun and English: The mission of the Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat and community is to graduate culturally knowledgeable students, who are responsible learners that respect others, stay engaged, critically think, problem solve, and are ready to use these skills to thrive in society. We want to ensure that our students are immersed in their culture, language, and traditions which is why our school uses the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Model. Our K-6 students are taught in Yugtun and English, while our Middle school and High school students are supported by culturally relevant classes such as "Yuyuraq", meaning the way we live, where they are taught the foundational and applicable tenets of the culture, language, and traditions. 

On campus, we have designated alternating days where one or the other language is spoken, referred to as the language of the day (LOD) as well as (LOI) language of instruction. Students speak either Yugtun or English, as it corresponds to the language designated for that day. There are signs posted to alert students, staff, and visitors to the expectation of which language should be spoken. We have set high expectations for the application of the students' first language Yugtun.  As a school and community, we have evolved from simple language acquisition to full application of the language, specifically, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension.


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